Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Smart Ones... pretty smart.

I usually try to navigate my grocery outings around the frozen food section. The sight of DiGiornos and Ben and Jerry's ice cream makes me hunger for the food that I am tying to avoid. But I have found something worth venturing down the cold isles for: Smart Ones frozen meals. 

I will not deny that frozen heath-food doesn't typically please the pallet, but the right Smart Ones meal will often find me licking its plastic plate clean. Really. Smart Ones has created a few low-cal, low-fat meals that can compete with the full-flavored, fatty foods. 

The Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables dish is to die for. It is more filling than its 2.5g, 230 calories let on. I always add a dash of soy sauce and a squeeze of Sarachi for some extra flavor (I prefer my food spicier than normal eaters). It is the perfect answer for a guilt-free, mid-day meal. Or, add a spinach salad and make it dinner. 

Smart Ones Fruit Inspirations Honey Mango Barbeque Chicken meal is also killer. I happen to be bananas for mangos, so I naturally gravitated towards this microwavable wonder, but it a good choice for any pallet. The chicken is glazed in a salty-sweet barbeque sauce with generous chunks of mango, and the dish is served with orzo pasta with spinach (which I always mix in with the chicken). 

The meals are about three dollars a piece and take four minutes to make. For those of you going the Weight Watchers route, the meals even have your points all divvied out.  

Light. Filling. Cravable. Who ever knew losing weight would taste so good?

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