Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Last weekend, something very usual happened to me. 

I went out on Friday night and drank--probably more than I should have. By Saturday, I didn't feel very good. 

And, like I normally do when I am staring down the dark tunnel of another hangover, I craved junk food. So after I finally woke up, I called over to Willies and ordered some buffalo chicken tenders and loaded cheese fries to-go (of course, another realm of hangovers is that, though you feel absolutely starved when you first wake up , you normally aren't hungry at all. Likewise, I only ate half a tender and a dozen cheese fries.)

Why must I throw away a day of healthy eating on a hangover? It is very frustrating. My goal is to find something that I can eat after a night of drinking without feeling too guilty. Any ideas?  

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