Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The countdown has begun!

Okay, it actually began the moment he left, that cold, January morning that I hugged him one final time and teared up in my driveway as he drove off. I guess I started subconsciously tracking the amount of days until I would see him again. But now, this week, that time is tangible. 

It has been 10 weeks and one day since I last saw Geof. And in three days, I get to see him again!

I leave for Hawaii on Saturday at 5 a.m. I will arrive on Oahu at 3 p.m. Factor in the five hour time difference, and I have a full day of traveling in front of me. I despise air travel, but this trip is worth it. I will get to spend a full week with my boyfriend!

This trip marks my first visit to Hawaii. The next time I take the million-hour plane ride to the island, I won't be returning. I will be toting all of the possessions I can possibly fit into two carry-ons and a giant duffle bag. I will be entering Geof's house and call it my own. So, on this trip, I hope to over-indulge in Geof time as well as scope out the island and possible job situations. 

With the journalism industry the way it is, who knows what I am going to find out there. I joke that my schooling has given me excellent secretary skills, but certainly office work is something that I will look into. No matter what, I will begin freelancing on the side, and maybe some day, my name will make its way into a byline once more. 

This trip won't be all snuggles and business. I plan on completely tourist-ing out while I officially call myself a tourist. We are going to snorkel off the southern coast (where Obama takes his daughters to snorkel, I hear). We are going to drive the entire coast of the island, stopping at the North Shore to attempt a Jack Johnson spotting and the west coast to attempt a "LOST" siting. We are going to rent mo-peds, hike Diamond Head, go bodysurfing, lay on the beach... everything I have always wanted to do on a beach vacation with a boyfriend.      

After the trip concludes, I will fly back to life in Columbia--and another three full months sans-boyfriend. The distance is so frustrating, but the only thing I can do is wait. It is discouraging to know that, after getting through a long three months (which felt like forever, believe me), I will face another span of time the same length. There is no way around it. I will just keep on trucking through. The three months will turn to two. The two months will turn to two weeks. And the next time I see him, I will leave for Hawaii with him, and we'll never have to deal with distance again.  

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